Friday, 11 February 2011

why hello there friday..

hi kids :) woke up feeling bright and fresh hahaha did i shite!! i didnt get any sleep cos of my little melly bear rolling all over hehe then my ocd took over i cant get to sleep unless its pitch black and there was little lights everywhere hahaha :L Anyyyyway just chilled with my mam all morning was mint she's a beaut i have to say! well then we went on an adventure to bothoms to get her pennies and went to hairdressers was brill both look same with our little FRINGES  hehee :)) aww cute! felice is obv an absolute stunner and has done a wonderful job thanks hunnie..then ran to the crib where i live and mother was all dressed up she looked lovely bless her n'aww she is a milf i just have to say it cos im cool and nice like that! went to dancing what a laugh my dance teacher is brilliant what an absolute legend! i never laughed so much nearly weed haha :') now having a git photo seshhh with melly and our NEW hair :D night bloggers keep blogging and keep smiling my little pretty's xxxx

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