Monday, 2 May 2011

So its been nearly a month..

Well hello there, i know its been a while and you probably forgotton all about little miss jarm but anyways im back and i will try to write i promise this time!! not alots been happening really nothing different
  • exams
  • singing
  • having a whole lot of fun
  • laughing smiling
  • dancing
  • crying
  • drinking
  • thinking about keaving whoooooooooooooooooooooo!!!
  • and being me in general..
so i have come to the point where being me is actually pretty cool..
But over the weeks i have become slitely obseesed just a tad over a certain TWO musicals

WICKED    and      AVENUE Q!!
they are the best things since shakespere and ''i know its exactly what i need'' i love it :)

so apart from being ME and a tad over excited about musicals singing and dancing nothings changed that much but guess what one more thing........ONLY 125 DAYS till i leave im so excited!! cant control myself actually :) so the count down is under way!

thats all for now children but keep blogging its fun brightens up them lonesome afternoons Jessie J is OUT!  <3

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