Monday, 28 February 2011

into the sky and the night..

Stars shine into my life, not to blind me, not to hurt me but to make everything i have special and beautiful..

Saturday, 26 February 2011

Home Sweet Home..

Hey bloggers its been a while, Well after all that comotion at the airport i was ready to relax in Austria but little did i know that that was the last thing i was going to be doing!! skiing was incredable i totally grasped what to do in the first day i actually thought i was MINT so i decided to do the Black run, and hey im still alive!!! as some of yous know i have bad knees, a crunchy shoulder blade, deformed colar bone and terrable back!! so it didnt really help and by god im paying for it now.. but its all fun and games over there am i right'?! I have had an amzing time over there and didnt really want to leave my family but i'll be alright cos im living with them in september so its all going on the highway. OMG!! in austria they are shit i mean they let 16 year olds drink?!! Yeah mann i was in the shit!! it was brilliant i mean bossing the slopes half cut what more do ya want LOL.. anyways its nice to home and nice to eat some normal food well loving ya and leaving ya till next time my pretty's xxx

Here's some piccieeesss...

Friday, 18 February 2011

ooo Hello wonderland..

I'm off to wonderland well Austria really but come on my imagination is just too cool for just austria!! Where the tree tops glisten where the snow falls peicefully and when i all i can see is smiling people but im deffinatly going to break something and deffinatly going to miss some rather pretty people :) have fun while im gone i will be :D i Love you all v v v muchly and see you when i come HOME <3

Thursday, 17 February 2011

MADD evening MADD day..

Well today was just all round fun fun fun!! i mean first lesson to the day pe well dance well piss around really hahaha :)) i was sooo excited all day for MADD evening  it was just a buzz!! lessons were alright could of been better but that life eyy!! fucking LOL at a certain somebody today fat, ugly, and rather umpa lumpa ishh getting her tongue pierced hahaha WHAT A LAUGH!!! anyway back to tonight was A-mazing just loved it our little cheeky dance :D loveyou girls rather alot we had some fun and giggles :P loving the swing band ''knock knock knock on wood baby'' get me and abbs go!! hahaha. that was the end of a brill day and just have to say at the end of this that i would like to thank Tabitha Glaysher for cheering me up the past few days hehehe and all the rest of my beautifull little cherry pies!! i love everyone and every blogger in this beautiful magical world :) xx

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

been a while..

Hi children, sorry i havent wrote for the past day or so..been abit busy what with all this coursework and dances and audition to sort out doing my head in!! talking about busy tomorrow night's gonna be a pile of fun (N) hahaha no it'll be a laugh! not a lot happened yesterday really apart from getting locked in a bloody cubord in science with Beth mead well i say locked we went in right and she dared me to screw the handle off so i did hahaha then we realized we couldnt get out so yeah good one jess were so imature at times arnt we hun! just cool arnt i. jords meal was good fun night with Tubster what a bird no joke i loved him outside with Tabitha was the funniest thing of the night our little secret though isnt it hunny bun with strawberry icing :) anyway rather tired rather cold and got bone ake all my bones are hurting is that normal? oh well :') nighty night bloggers keep smiling and keep blogging!xxx

Monday, 14 February 2011

Today is valentines day..

14th february,the day of LOVE and also my bird's birthday :) hehe sixteen wow what an age 'get loose'. was on a right low yesterday and this morning tbh but after forth period i just i had to ping to the top and leave all that behind'! Hanaah Dawson i hope you read this because im sorry and also fro making you feel a little ikky i love you you know! :( and also a sorry to Abigail and Tabitha! thanks for being there!! And i have now realised that friends are everything..Anywayyy loving the fact i come home to a valentines card well two so i now have 3 i am very pleased :) although i dont like not knowing who there from!! :') GCSE drama i got an amzing group vvv pleased we gonna be the highlight of that examiners day i'll make sure ehehhe :) Mr bond what a dick!! he is making me and another companion of mine write a paragraph of why we should'nt waste school resorces err excuse me it was a piece of paper and it said hi on it and i only ripped it up and threw it out of the window and you kinda thought it was snow; :S!" huh! anyway carrying on my new jumper for dancing is wayy cool its like strawberries with cream that yummy :) early start in the morning soo i'll tell you about that in another time my pretty's, i'll keep loving ya if ya keep this blogging up!! xxxx

Sunday, 13 February 2011

and say hello to the humming birds..

Morning :) well its nearly not morning but yeah anyway, feeling soo much better this morning was in such a bastard mood yesterday but now im fresh as a daisy and blowing in the right direction! this year is gonna be a good one for me now i have lost all them twats and low lifes im a new person and i really like who it is! im chasing the dreams and i will get there even if its the last thing i do!! my friends well i couldnt ask for better ones and im already excited to meet new ones v v v soon :) well thanks for reading this little outburst hehehe and i'll write to you's later onn chickens, have a lovely day and keep blogging my hunny buns xxx

Saturday, 12 February 2011

and there goes my life.

Crying should be hobbie i do it quite alot well today anyway! LOVE i dont think there is such thing anymore i mean when something springs up from some place thats all a really big surprise i didnt think it would hurt but lets face it im drowning in my own tears so must hurt.. depressing is the word for today and i was so happy for him to come home oh well she a stunner anyway no competiton! thats it for me im done. Blog if ya wanna guys but just dont fall for someone! :')

Saturday and bord out of my skull.

last night was just grim! absolutely nakered now and just ratty with everyone!! i am glad my little precious princesses are coming home today though rarther excited tbh!! :D eeeeeeep! missed em so much it was like not having any arms for a week ha lol. mad evening this week :O beed who's that chick?!' this will be very short and brief cos i really cant be arsed and just in that shitty mood! probably cheer up later on so i'll write you another later my hunni bunnies.. have a nice time blogging peace out for now children xx

Friday, 11 February 2011



Hehehe how funny :L

why hello there friday..

hi kids :) woke up feeling bright and fresh hahaha did i shite!! i didnt get any sleep cos of my little melly bear rolling all over hehe then my ocd took over i cant get to sleep unless its pitch black and there was little lights everywhere hahaha :L Anyyyyway just chilled with my mam all morning was mint she's a beaut i have to say! well then we went on an adventure to bothoms to get her pennies and went to hairdressers was brill both look same with our little FRINGES  hehee :)) aww cute! felice is obv an absolute stunner and has done a wonderful job thanks hunnie..then ran to the crib where i live and mother was all dressed up she looked lovely bless her n'aww she is a milf i just have to say it cos im cool and nice like that! went to dancing what a laugh my dance teacher is brilliant what an absolute legend! i never laughed so much nearly weed haha :') now having a git photo seshhh with melly and our NEW hair :D night bloggers keep blogging and keep smiling my little pretty's xxxx

Thursday, 10 February 2011

Today was pretty awsome..

well, today was eventfull to say the least woke up late and had some banging messages from my baby mel :') wernt that cute actually get out of bed :L so yeah got out of bed put some tights on and my jumper laddered my tights mint that was the first unlucky thing. Mel came to mine and we just chilled all morning, then went into town and went to heron (N) not gonna repeat that incident second unlucky thing! tiffans was fun umm chips and gravy was nice. nearly got shit on by a bird mint. went swimming well what an adventure that was THING 1 and THING 2 came in my jaw hit bottom of the pool!! honestley why does she love me sooo much!!! follows me everywhere??! so yeah swimming was quite fun :L teaching mel to not hold her nose when she goes under water LOL took me about half an hour infact hahaha loveya chicken pie! Then my bloggers, me and my lil bro went to our dance competition that was brill we WON!  woop woop! proud of him also got an award for best artistic impression buzzin!! miss Benson what an absolute bird :) now its freaky friday for me and melv and looking forward to our hair tomorrow :D keep smiling beautifuls good night god bless! xx

Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Danced the Day away..

Well today was fun and chilled i have to say. started off pretty well mum was in a good mood for a change she actually said ''morning babe'' i was like you alright mam haha wow! Had a surprise waiting for me first lesson internet safety course thing omg, couldnt believe all the shit facebook formspring actually cause :O got to dinner and i just beed had to go to maths with mel gutted mister A and B wernt there!! anywyas got my green light so left and hit the road to dance..what a laugh my baby cat and baba mel ilyour moves and dani and ruth well just dont change your dance its brilliant.!' DT and PE went ok pe was a laugh everyone running around doing volleyball and then theres just me cat and mel dancing in the cornor cos were cool like that ;) got in from school and my auntie lelu's like oh jess will you help me get back on facebook? ohh yeah course what waas i chatting it took me an our to explain what a status was??!!'' BIG LOL. anyways looking forward to spending the next two days with my gorgeous best friend melv before her boyfriend comes home and steals her again!! :( haha. Dominoes pizza for tea hmmm i actually dont see whats the big shit on them but umm there nice thats all :L off to dancing on ma bill cos everyone either in bloody austria or london :(( miss yous please come home :') anyways cool kids im off,.!*

Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Tuesdays are iffy??

Second day of blogging, i still feel cool :) Dont like tuesdays there shit. triple science absolute fail. but Grace coats makes it worth while hahaha our little code to dev haha just ask jarm :L ohh she's a beaut! to top the morning off Brindle and his belly and body oder!! nioce BIG (n) Drama was good getting split up from the group joe thinking i'd been naughty but actually im just special kk?!! oh and then saying are you still classed as white british if your from whales pffft see told you i was speshh!! dance at dinner what a laugh dani and ruth you had me and mel in stiches hahaha :D talking about mel i love you lots and lots dont really think we could get any cooler baby our quote for the day ''never above you never below you ALWAYS beside you'' n'aww. i love my moomin. dancing soon absolute beed i have to say fame im gonna live forever over and over again! LOL. Ahh well get to see my beautiful second family later at caedmon whooo helen and mike birds mel babe ry my dudee :) shit day good night and thats me :P smile and

Monday, 7 February 2011


:) AWW  how sweet :L

its monday, yawn.

My first blog wow i feel cool. Dont really know what im supposed to write if im honest. i do know that today was bang tidy a bit depressing but ok. i mean these kids shooting off to austria to go boss some slopes, who are ya?? inconsidering cunts. kidding i love you and miss you all. oh well mel my beautiful baby just makes up for it having her all to myself for a change tar smi :) hehehe.
My day consisted of waking up late storey of my life, dragging myself to college met some stunners in that place i suppose, met some ugly twats to but there not worth my time. drama was fun with steph bless her :L legend. dinner was the usual and the food gets worse i bought a cake was'nt nice but as i thought melv gobbled it down like a dustbin! nice end to the day Brindle woahh his room smells nice (n) so yeah got home decided to start blogging its true its fun haha trying to work out whats what is'nt but you know how it is right? should really start that coursework but nahh chilling takes over..anyway thank god monday is over BIG yawn! keeping smiling and keep