Wednesday, 9 March 2011

i am the happiest person alive 'Right now'.

So im about to brag about the biggest thing that EVER happened to me as i said i few days ago i was bricking it for my audtion at Redroofs in london (stage school) totally nailed my audition :) and following that i had a lovely looking letter on the table when i came home from college today saying that my place there is guaranteed!!! :DD i honestly screamed the house down my mum was crying and everything im soooo proud of myself its wiered because iv never felt like this in my whole life hahaha :) < told you i cant stop smiling hehehe :)
so thats all really apart form telling everyone and my face is just like a clown who cant change his face form smiling yup life's gooood :P

nice talking to yous love ya's <3 xxxxxxxxxx

ps. keep blogging.
pps. happy birthday to maria.
ppps. the sweeds are cute :) and abby of course,
pppps. thanks.

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