Tuesday, 1 March 2011

I'm STRESSING bloggers i'm SRESSING..

OMG!! so i get a letter saying i have an audition on sunday at redroofs you know the one the preforming arts school where Kate winslet  went to yeah not to much of a biggy!!! im absolutley scared out of my wits and i really am.. i dont normally get nervous before the big day but i this time i have reasons..1. Its an audition for a drama school in LONDON.  2. famous people went there theyve made it big!! and finally 3. i need to get in i cannot and i will repeat Cannot!!!  stay in whitby i would honestly no joke KILL myself its that bad!! so... one 2 minuete dance one 2 minuete song and a 1 minuete monologue ( for those who dont know what a monologue is its more or less a speech by your self!! ) so yeah pretty stressed about it but i'll get there FINGERS CROSSED EY'!.# 

Anyway bloggers have fun dont stress and keep smiling :) xx

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