Thursday, 10 February 2011

Today was pretty awsome..

well, today was eventfull to say the least woke up late and had some banging messages from my baby mel :') wernt that cute actually get out of bed :L so yeah got out of bed put some tights on and my jumper laddered my tights mint that was the first unlucky thing. Mel came to mine and we just chilled all morning, then went into town and went to heron (N) not gonna repeat that incident second unlucky thing! tiffans was fun umm chips and gravy was nice. nearly got shit on by a bird mint. went swimming well what an adventure that was THING 1 and THING 2 came in my jaw hit bottom of the pool!! honestley why does she love me sooo much!!! follows me everywhere??! so yeah swimming was quite fun :L teaching mel to not hold her nose when she goes under water LOL took me about half an hour infact hahaha loveya chicken pie! Then my bloggers, me and my lil bro went to our dance competition that was brill we WON!  woop woop! proud of him also got an award for best artistic impression buzzin!! miss Benson what an absolute bird :) now its freaky friday for me and melv and looking forward to our hair tomorrow :D keep smiling beautifuls good night god bless! xx

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