Monday, 7 February 2011

its monday, yawn.

My first blog wow i feel cool. Dont really know what im supposed to write if im honest. i do know that today was bang tidy a bit depressing but ok. i mean these kids shooting off to austria to go boss some slopes, who are ya?? inconsidering cunts. kidding i love you and miss you all. oh well mel my beautiful baby just makes up for it having her all to myself for a change tar smi :) hehehe.
My day consisted of waking up late storey of my life, dragging myself to college met some stunners in that place i suppose, met some ugly twats to but there not worth my time. drama was fun with steph bless her :L legend. dinner was the usual and the food gets worse i bought a cake was'nt nice but as i thought melv gobbled it down like a dustbin! nice end to the day Brindle woahh his room smells nice (n) so yeah got home decided to start blogging its true its fun haha trying to work out whats what is'nt but you know how it is right? should really start that coursework but nahh chilling takes over..anyway thank god monday is over BIG yawn! keeping smiling and keep

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