Monday, 14 February 2011

Today is valentines day..

14th february,the day of LOVE and also my bird's birthday :) hehe sixteen wow what an age 'get loose'. was on a right low yesterday and this morning tbh but after forth period i just i had to ping to the top and leave all that behind'! Hanaah Dawson i hope you read this because im sorry and also fro making you feel a little ikky i love you you know! :( and also a sorry to Abigail and Tabitha! thanks for being there!! And i have now realised that friends are everything..Anywayyy loving the fact i come home to a valentines card well two so i now have 3 i am very pleased :) although i dont like not knowing who there from!! :') GCSE drama i got an amzing group vvv pleased we gonna be the highlight of that examiners day i'll make sure ehehhe :) Mr bond what a dick!! he is making me and another companion of mine write a paragraph of why we should'nt waste school resorces err excuse me it was a piece of paper and it said hi on it and i only ripped it up and threw it out of the window and you kinda thought it was snow; :S!" huh! anyway carrying on my new jumper for dancing is wayy cool its like strawberries with cream that yummy :) early start in the morning soo i'll tell you about that in another time my pretty's, i'll keep loving ya if ya keep this blogging up!! xxxx

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