Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Danced the Day away..

Well today was fun and chilled i have to say. started off pretty well mum was in a good mood for a change she actually said ''morning babe'' i was like you alright mam haha wow! Had a surprise waiting for me first lesson internet safety course thing omg, couldnt believe all the shit facebook formspring actually cause :O got to dinner and i just beed had to go to maths with mel gutted mister A and B wernt there!! anywyas got my green light so left and hit the road to dance..what a laugh my baby cat and baba mel ilyour moves and dani and ruth well just dont change your dance its brilliant.!' DT and PE went ok pe was a laugh everyone running around doing volleyball and then theres just me cat and mel dancing in the cornor cos were cool like that ;) got in from school and my auntie lelu's like oh jess will you help me get back on facebook? ohh yeah course what waas i chatting it took me an our to explain what a status was??!!'' BIG LOL. anyways looking forward to spending the next two days with my gorgeous best friend melv before her boyfriend comes home and steals her again!! :( haha. Dominoes pizza for tea hmmm i actually dont see whats the big shit on them but umm there nice thats all :L off to dancing on ma bill cos everyone either in bloody austria or london :(( miss yous please come home :') anyways cool kids im off,.!*

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  1. your blogs mint. :) It's really addictive hehehe! <3