Wednesday, 16 February 2011

been a while..

Hi children, sorry i havent wrote for the past day or so..been abit busy what with all this coursework and dances and audition to sort out doing my head in!! talking about busy tomorrow night's gonna be a pile of fun (N) hahaha no it'll be a laugh! not a lot happened yesterday really apart from getting locked in a bloody cubord in science with Beth mead well i say locked we went in right and she dared me to screw the handle off so i did hahaha then we realized we couldnt get out so yeah good one jess were so imature at times arnt we hun! just cool arnt i. jords meal was good fun night with Tubster what a bird no joke i loved him outside with Tabitha was the funniest thing of the night our little secret though isnt it hunny bun with strawberry icing :) anyway rather tired rather cold and got bone ake all my bones are hurting is that normal? oh well :') nighty night bloggers keep smiling and keep blogging!xxx

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