Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Tuesdays are iffy??

Second day of blogging, i still feel cool :) Dont like tuesdays there shit. triple science absolute fail. but Grace coats makes it worth while hahaha our little code to dev haha just ask jarm :L ohh she's a beaut! to top the morning off Brindle and his belly and body oder!! nioce BIG (n) Drama was good getting split up from the group joe thinking i'd been naughty but actually im just special kk?!! oh and then saying are you still classed as white british if your from whales pffft see told you i was speshh!! dance at dinner what a laugh dani and ruth you had me and mel in stiches hahaha :D talking about mel i love you lots and lots dont really think we could get any cooler baby our quote for the day ''never above you never below you ALWAYS beside you'' n'aww. i love my moomin. dancing soon absolute beed i have to say fame im gonna live forever over and over again! LOL. Ahh well get to see my beautiful second family later at caedmon whooo helen and mike birds mel babe ry my dudee :) shit day good night and thats me :P smile and blog..xxx