Thursday, 17 February 2011

MADD evening MADD day..

Well today was just all round fun fun fun!! i mean first lesson to the day pe well dance well piss around really hahaha :)) i was sooo excited all day for MADD evening  it was just a buzz!! lessons were alright could of been better but that life eyy!! fucking LOL at a certain somebody today fat, ugly, and rather umpa lumpa ishh getting her tongue pierced hahaha WHAT A LAUGH!!! anyway back to tonight was A-mazing just loved it our little cheeky dance :D loveyou girls rather alot we had some fun and giggles :P loving the swing band ''knock knock knock on wood baby'' get me and abbs go!! hahaha. that was the end of a brill day and just have to say at the end of this that i would like to thank Tabitha Glaysher for cheering me up the past few days hehehe and all the rest of my beautifull little cherry pies!! i love everyone and every blogger in this beautiful magical world :) xx

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