Saturday, 26 February 2011

Home Sweet Home..

Hey bloggers its been a while, Well after all that comotion at the airport i was ready to relax in Austria but little did i know that that was the last thing i was going to be doing!! skiing was incredable i totally grasped what to do in the first day i actually thought i was MINT so i decided to do the Black run, and hey im still alive!!! as some of yous know i have bad knees, a crunchy shoulder blade, deformed colar bone and terrable back!! so it didnt really help and by god im paying for it now.. but its all fun and games over there am i right'?! I have had an amzing time over there and didnt really want to leave my family but i'll be alright cos im living with them in september so its all going on the highway. OMG!! in austria they are shit i mean they let 16 year olds drink?!! Yeah mann i was in the shit!! it was brilliant i mean bossing the slopes half cut what more do ya want LOL.. anyways its nice to home and nice to eat some normal food well loving ya and leaving ya till next time my pretty's xxx

Here's some piccieeesss...

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